Staking Snow, a dummy guide

Crypto Leandros
2 min readJan 18, 2021

You know, get your laptop or phone, and get to work, it is time to make some snow. So now that you are ready, here you go a step by step <70 IQ guide :)

The snowswap website header
  1. head to the website and connect the damn wallet: ; here is picture of where you will choose your wallet ( you know, if you have metamask choose metamask, if then and so on… you get it )

2. You are doing great, now you see the button on the head of the page like below: click the stake button, that’s it:

3. Still here? ok let’s go: now you are in front of a great innovation: single-asset liquidity mining pools, it means this is not like the classic uniswap LP staking where you poor both ETH and Token, here you stake only one. Get it?

The staking interface for staking $SNOW

4. Here we will talk about staking snow to get snow, so head to the one below:

that is some juicy APY today :) click on the select button(inside the blue circle):

5. No you get this nice dashboard: you click on deposit to put your tokens and BAAAAM; Done :)

Once you click on deposit and depending on the wallet you use, you will be asked to confirm transaction.

6. You are done, you now making some money :)

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My other article for dummies on staking Eth:

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