SnowSwap for super Dummy 2

Crypto Leandros
3 min readJan 23, 2021

Since the last 2 posts (links below) a lot happened with SnowSwap.

In this third we will talk about the best current APY’s there is on the platform.

  1. The easiest way to earn $SNOW is to buy $SNOW in uniswap and stake it directly to Frosty’s Pool:
Click Select then Deposit and approve in your wallet

2. The most rewarding pool actually is the Rudolph’s Pool, in this pool you can stake your SNOW-ETH LP Token and get as much as 174% APY.

Click select then deposit

To get the Snow-ETH LP token (after clicking on Select above). Head to the button outlined below.

This button will take you to uniswap where you can add SNOW and ETH to get the LP Token:

Click on Add liquidity
Add an amount of Eth and its equivalent of SNOW

Adding liquidity is incentivized by the trading fees, each time someone trades ETH-Snow in uniswap, you get directly a part of the fees.

When approving, the Eth-Snow LP token appears on your metamask (if not add it by its contract number). And you get back to the Rudolph’s pool to stake it.

3. The second most rewarding actually and for me the most innovative with great upside is the Buddy Elf’s Pool.

When depositing one of the Eth2 stacked Eth’s in one of the services: vETH2 by Sharedstake, aETH by ANKR, CRETH2 by CREAM, wETH you get the eth2SNOW token that you can stake here.

The depositing of the different Eths is done on the deposit area below:

You deposit the type of Eth2 you have

This is a fantastic opportunity to be rewarded twice on staking Eth.

One last tip, Ankr and SnowSwap are now partners, so expect some great news for this pool (my opinion :) ).

Finally: 1Inch and SNOWSWAP have announced a partnership, 1inchExchange will integrate SnowSwap allowing access to yVault Curve & USD, wrapped BTC & ETH2 pools directly on 1inch routing via SnowSwap.

Congratulations, after this last article you are no longer a Dummy :)



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