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2 min readJan 5, 2022

I will try to get you up to speed with Concave in a 2–3 min read, Let’s Go.

Medium link : Concave

A) What is Concave

“Concave’s ultimate goal is to propagate the utilization of OHM as a Defi reserve currency. It’s a project by OHMmies for OHMmies. It will build on top of OHM as a primitive, to create as many innovative and novel product lines that incorporate OHM as possible, raise the velocity of OHM and have it fulfill its ultimate goal of being a Defi reserve currency.” From Discord FAQ.

One of the main ideas is that this is Co-op and not a DAO, balancing the dilemma of Decentralization/Speed of execution. Something related to decision making process!

B) How to get involved

OHM Forks are known of initial supply bootstrapping issue, the few early adopters that WL or supply liquidity make huge gains. Concave which is not an OHM Fork but Rather a Spoon came up with the process of mining roles for WL/Airdrop allocation, everyone can get involved and advance on the roles ladder. 2 great writings on the topic in the Concave medium. Let’s keep it simple here: You start as miner and you have many roles you can get, Give a piece of thought about what concave would be and become Genesis, participate in the writing groups and become a documentor, help on the policy and join that team. All this on Discord!

Mainly, Concave gives you an offer that you cannot refuse:

Concave Trade

Work & Knowledge for Whitelist & Airdrop

C) NFTs for WL and airdrop

In the effort to gather a large base of liquidity bootstrappers, many community NFT projects were launched, On Discord Official links you can find all theses. Bottom line, Inclusiveness was a priority and you can thus buy on different chains: Polygon, Avalanche, Eth.

D) My journey so far

Concave team are great students of history and thus the role mining process difficulty increases with time. My highest role now is Genesis. In order to keep that role, energy shall be spent. I started participating in Alpha-PsyOps to keep my role, initially it was a grind, but currently i am enjoying it. The team shares a huge amount of high quality learning material spreading from technology to philosophy to economics. I encourage everyone to join.

This article will be updated weekly. I will keep it simple and quick.

Discord: https://discord.gg/concavefi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ConcaveFi

Medium : Concave



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