Contribute for dummies

Current crypto landscape is so rich and exciting that we tend to get lost in all those protocols, chains, sisterchains, DEFI, Staking…

Today i will try to explain an innovative project in very simple words, targeting the dummies :)… the idea is to simplify the concepts and shed a light on the advantages. So let’s get started…

Statistiques of the current contributions generating interests to $TRIB HODLers
1 click sell and claim interest for $TRIB
Prices live for $TDAO and $TRIG
Tabs on the upside of the website
Statistiques of $TRIB

Crypto enthusiast, i write about crypto and DEFI for beginners, i try to be funny. Eth wallet for contribution : 0xF5b4Fe78E3837A3179551eB1ef17A0Ae9c42BC97