My aim here is to simplify DEFI a little, helping others with my learning through this 2 years journey so far. This is not an article but like a long tweet.

A) Decision making heuristics

Every trade/Lend/Borrow/LP is a decision that YOU take and should be aware of the upside/Risk. In TA, this is something calculated, i don’t do TA, so i have some heuristics to decide:

  • If it is too green, i don’t buy… Just don’t FOMO in anything…
  • If it is newly launched farmed, i don’t buy… Farming token is created to incentivize liquidity, thus is freely rewarded…The…

If you are here, then you are a dummy, but a super one, after all you are already part of DEFI, years before mainstream :) so let’s get started:

I will not explain what is NYAN, you can check here for over all introduction. I will describe new features and dummy stuff needed to interact with NYAN. Let’s get started :

A) Nyan Fund rewards Nyan-2 Holders and LP’s

Since inception, Nyan was a community managed fund, this new update starting Feb 2021 gives new features as fund managers, voters or even individual funds to be managed. But you don’t…

If you are here, then you are a dummy, but a super one, after all you are already part of DEFI, years before mainstream :) so let’s get started:

I will not explain what is StakeDao, you can check medium here and the website here. we will talk baby steps:

the idea behind liquidity providing for AMM( automated market makers) is to create pairs that could be traded! Why would you provide liquidity? well, they will give you part of trading fees, 0,3% last i checked.

To add liquidity you need same amount of a pair, here SDT and ETH.

Click on Add liquidity on top right

Since the last 2 posts (links below) a lot happened with SnowSwap.

In this third we will talk about the best current APY’s there is on the platform.

  1. The easiest way to earn $SNOW is to buy $SNOW in uniswap and stake it directly to Frosty’s Pool:
Click Select then Deposit and approve in your wallet

2. The most rewarding pool actually is the Rudolph’s Pool, in this pool you can stake your SNOW-ETH LP Token and get as much as 174% APY.

Current crypto landscape is so rich and exciting that we tend to get lost in all those protocols, chains, sisterchains, DEFI, Staking…

Today i will try to explain an innovative project in very simple words, targeting the dummies :)… the idea is to simplify the concepts and shed a light on the advantages. So let’s get started…

1) Bearing interest in DEFI

As like a bank, there is actually services in DEFI that when you put your money in, it generates interests, better than a bank, DEFI rates are great!… double digit on stablecoins is just wonderful. One of theses is mUSD, you put your mUSD in the vault and interests start generating. check here :

2) $TRIB innovation


Hey there, we talked earlier about staking Snow on the website but we didn’t talk about what really snow does, so here it is one of the best services there Eth 2 Swaps… i consider myself a super dummy and will explain in super super easy stuff (if you are here, you need that :) JK, or No :))

So basically Ethereum is Hooooot :) no, no, wait, not that fast. let’s restart.

What is DEFI? decentralized finance! That’s it. The idea is: Bob has 500$ goes to the bank deposit and get some interest, Bob is Rekt, because…

You know, get your laptop or phone, and get to work, it is time to make some snow. So now that you are ready, here you go a step by step <70 IQ guide :)

The snowswap website header
  1. head to the website and connect the damn wallet: ; here is picture of where you will choose your wallet ( you know, if you have metamask choose metamask, if then and so on… you get it )

Crypto Leandros

Crypto enthusiast, i write about crypto and DEFI for beginners, i try to be funny. Eth wallet for contribution : 0xF5b4Fe78E3837A3179551eB1ef17A0Ae9c42BC97

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